The design philosophy behind the work embraces the thought of wearing, loving, caring and mending – turning old into new. The collection is inspired by street style, sportswear, sub cultures, unisex denim and being forever young.

The concept behind “Shell Suit Folk” explores Finnish style, or rather the lack of it. (Shell suit folk = the common folk, national dress of the Finns, outfit for everyday use.) Other aspects focused on were ideas of unisex, uniform, anonymity, protection, identity, comfort and classic. America | Denim vs. Japan | Sashiko.

The main material used is recycled denim (100% cotton, preferably vintage Levi’s, Lee, Wrangler etc.). Techniques include traditional Japanese embroidery, sashiko stitch, and patchwork.

Photography Ezzidin Alwan
Hair & Makeup Sanni Riihikangas
Model Rebecca / Slow Club