With her new collection ‘Varsity’, Priha continues with the research into youth culture and maintaining your identity and individuality within a group. Priha has updated the classic from 1865 Harvard University – garment reference lies very straightforwardly in the varsity jacket. Sports teams distinguish themselves from other teams by wearing team clothing. Within the teams individual players are distinguished by nametags.

The collection consists of ten jackets, which have the same silhouette but different colouring and patterns. Staying true to her signature style and design ethos, Priha only uses recycled denim. This ensures that every piece is different, thus unique. Garments are handmade in England.

New Slang – New Gang – My Gang – My Slang = VARSITY
Your homies, your peeps, the gang of friends you hang out with that make you powerful.
adjective. extremely excellent; relaxed and cool. to put off an air that’s an amalgam of positive vibes, high spirits and good times.

Photography Julie Moura
Hair & Makeup Sanni Riihikangas
Model Anna Nausa